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Preparing for life's curveballs can make a significant difference. Let Bestlife Insurance help you prepare today.

We keep you covered so you can live your best life

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Get comprehensive cover for you and your loved ones

Let Bestlife Travel insurance be your passport to peace of mind travel. knowing that you are fully covered for adverse eventualities.

Affordable funeral and hospital cash cover for only ZMW 315 per year with benefits of up to ZMW18,500.

Comprehensive funeral cover for nuclear and extended family with cover of up to ZMW200,000 per life from premiums as low as ZMW 1,755 per year.

With the Bestlife Guaranteed Income Plan, you save for 5 years only and receive guaranteed increasing pay-out for a period of 10 years!

Allows you to make regular payments into your life insurance plan for a chosen term and enjoy the savings and protection benefit of the plan for the longer term.

Enjoy a life policy with the added benefit of bonus payments on every 3rd policy anniversary and a maturity value at the end of the selected premium payment term.

Designed for employers to provide financial assistance to employees’ family in the event of death of an employee. 

Provides stated benefit funeral cover to employees and their families as covered by the policy. 

Cover your loan or credit with a Bestlife Credit life insurance cover. Provision of financial protection to borrowers and their families in the event of the borrower’s death or disability, by paying off the outstanding loan or credit amount.

Living your best life means different things to different people. We therefore offer tailor made products to suit your needs.

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How to manage a downturn in the market

How you can deal with market volatility

How you can deal with market volatility

How you can deal with market volatility

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